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Bali Batik Scrap Knots


Carola’s Quilt Shop we have are having fun making Batik Quilts from Scrap Strips.We call them “Knots.”

These scrap strips are discarded (at the distributor’s warehouse) in the process of transferring batik fabric from HUGE

rolls to much smaller

cardboard sleeves. A

machine unrolls the fabric, folds it while a worker supervises the process. When the worker comes

upon a seam, he or she will cut

and remove the seam and continue rolling the fabric onto the cardboard sleeve. Carola purchases these discarded strips, about 3″ wide and coordinates them into colour coordinated bundles of twelve pieces and “knots” them for display. Take “two knots”, add sashing, border and binding fabric to Make a delightful quilt.

Batik Quilt by Katherine Morgan

Batik Knot Quilt

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