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Quick Gift Instructions

Hi Everyone, thank you so much for coming to my presentation. As promised here are the instructions and links to help you try out some of the projects. Have Fun!

Disappearing Nine –Patch Version #2

  1. Sew a nine patch block, we used 5” charm squares
  2. Cut in half lengthwise and crosswise

    to make 4 squares

  3. From a plain solid colour fabric, cut a same size square, one for each of the “new” patchwork squares.
  4. On the wrong side, draw a straight diagonal line through the center of each plain square
  5. Place the plain square on top of patchwork block, right sides together, all edges even and sew a ¼” seam along BOTH sides of the marked pencil line
  6. Cut along pencil line and

    press the seam towards the plain fabric

  7. Layout the blocks in a pleasing manner and assemble the blocks row by row.

Pointless Square in a Square

  1. Select three different coordinating fabrics. Fabric #1 will be the center square, fabric # 2 will surround

    #1. Fabric #3 will surround #2 and will be the outermost fabric.

  2. Cut fabric 1 & 2 into same-sized squares. They can be any size. We used 6”squares.
  3. Draw 2 diagonal “cutting lines” through center on the wrong side of fabric #2
  4. With a ¼” seam allowance and right sides together, sew squares 1 & 2 together, stitching along the four outside edges
  5. With your fingers separate the two layers and cut along the marked pencil line, being sure not to cut

    through the second square. Snip into the corners, stopping at the stitch lines. Do not cut through the stitching.

  6. Press open. You will now see the center square (fabric #1) with a triangle stitched to each of the four sides (fabric #2).
  7. Measure this new “square in a square” and cut fabric #3 to this


  8. Draw 2 diagonal cutting lines on the wrong side of fabric #3.

Quilt As You Go

This is the technique where we used 10” square backing, 8” block and batting.

The following video is called Fun & Done

Scrappy Quilt As You Go

This is the scrappy technique for free motion quilting scraps to a whole-cloth quilt.

How to sew a pincushion in under five minutes:

Easy Baby Quilt

  1. You will need an assortment of 5” Charm squares and plain coordinating fabric.
  2. Cut the plain fabric into 3” squares, two for each charm square.
  3. Draw a diagonal line through the center of all the 3” squares.
  4. Pin a 3” square in the top right corner and in the left bottom corner of

    each charm square. In other words, the two 3” squares are on two diagonally opposite corners.

  5. Stitch along the pencil line. By the way. The pencil line is perpendicular to the corner, the pencil line is NOT pointing into the corner.
  6. Trim corners leaving a ¼” seam allowance to the outside of the stitching line. Press the triangle away from the charm square. You should have a 5” square with triangles in two opposite corners.
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