Below are the rooms available and common areas that will be open for guests during their stay. More pictures are available in our photo gallery to showcase the property and all areas on it. 

Bathrooms, Kitchen and other common areas

The kitchen will be available to all that stay at the retreat. It has a full size fridge, wine cooler, and freezer. There is a conventional oven, a baking oven, dishwasher, stove top and double sink, as well as many free surfaces to utilize. There’s a bathroom upstairs and downstairs, and the laundry room is located downstairs.

King sized bed with double hide-a-bed, private en-suite, patio access

The master bedroom is a very spacious and beautiful room, with private outdoor access to the poolside area. The en-suite is large and has a very large bathtub, 2 shower heads and a wide movie star mirror, as well as a toilet which movie stars would also use. This option is great for families, or groups with 2-4 guests that enjoy close company.

Two single sized wood-framed beds

Two single beds overlook the beautiful pool area and adjacent garden, accompanied by the creek on the border of the property. A large organized closet is perfect for those who try to pack lightly and end up overwhelmed by extra clothes. Perfect for 2 guests

Two single sized beds near the pool

Two single beds near the creek border of the property, with a large window to view the poolside area. There’s a large closet and a shared night stand, so make sure to label your drinking glasses! Ideal for room for 2.

Two single sized beds upstairs

The room nearest to the front door has 2 single beds, and 2 large windows. This option is perfect for those who don’t enjoy taking the stairs, or simply enjoy an in-suite fireplace and forest view. 

One queen sized bed downstairs

Two single beds with a shared night stand is the perfect room for 2. The large closet allows for heavy luggage to no longer be burdened by quilting enthusiast and sewers alike.

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