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Replacement "push-in" style L.E.D. light bulb for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K as well as many other vintage Singer models. Better = brighter, truer, longer lasting and will not burn! Available in either the WHITE Light or WARM Light. For those who prefer the light similar to an incandescent bulb, then the Warm light would be the option to choose.

This bulb will fit the following models: Singer 15, 99, 201, 221, 221J, 221K, 222K, 301, 306, 401, 403, 404, and 500. Fits perfectly in the Black and Tan and White Featherweights, too!

A traditional incandescent light bulb has 850 LUX, whereas these new brighter bulbs illuminate with 2400 LUX. NEW AND IMPROVED! Each individual bulb contains 80 LEDs. We used to carry the LED bulbs that had 64 or 104 little lights inside, but now we carry the 80 which is even brighter than the 104 because the individual LEDs are much larger. These 80 LED bulbs are more broadly suited to fit many Singer models without concern about flange or socket depth.

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