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Sewing Machine OIL filled bottle for any and all Sewing Machines ~ even Attachments (yes, some attachments need oiling sometimes, too!) This particular oil is appropriate for Singer, Elna, Kenmore, White, New Home, etc.

If you have an original Singer Oil Can, and the oil is still clear in color (not dark yellow, orange or brown) and drips out just fine, then you can use it - it is still perfectly good. In most cases, however, you will need Sewing Machine Oil specifically for your Sewing Machine for all oiling points*.

One drop of oil at all oiling points is all that is needed for every 8-hours of sewing. It is also a good idea to give one tiny drop of oil to the bobbin race (two small rectangular holes behind the bobbin case) every time you change a bobbin or sit down to sew.

Your Sewing Machine Manual or Adjuster's Service Manual will illustrate all the oiling points* for your machine, but here are a couple of tutorials for cleaning as well as oiling the machine

* TAKE NOTE: DO NOT USE OIL in your Singer Motor. Your motor should only have motor lubricant and not oil.

Oil Bottle comes with a long brass spout and sometimes a tiny piece of silicone is left in the top of the spout from the manufacturer. A small pin or needle will help to poke it up and out to clear the tip for smooth oil flow. Also, oil bottles have a tendency to leak from air pressure changes and slippery seals, so keep your bottle stored in an upright position at all times.

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