This quilt was inspired by the article in Quilting Arts called Color Play by Anne Lullie . I completed the project in the article as an exercise to hone my color composition skills of which I am lacking. I realized that it was time to embrace the color wheel. 

Here is my story.

I noticed a Bird Bath for sale in our local garden center. It was made with colored glass inlay. The Bird Bath is made in China. I was inspired, the Color Play exercise popped into my head and I knew I had to interpret this bird bath into a wall hanging!

Bird Bath

Glass Inlay Bird Bath Made in China


Bird Bath Closeup

I collected batik fabric scraps in the colors of the glass inlays. When I was satisfied that I had enough colors to get started I fused my favorite paper backed fusible web to the back of each scrap which measured about 3″ x 14″ I trimmed the fabric even with the edge of the paper backed fusible. I did this to make sure that I would be working with fabric completely covered with fusible backing


Batik Scrap

My collection of Batik fabric scraps to mimic the glass inlayed Bird Bath


Fused Batiks

Paper backed fusible web on the back of Batiks, still need to be trimmed close to the paper backed fusible

Next I cut all the scraps into 3/4″ wide strips. Once all the fused fabric was cut into 3/4″ wide strips I harnessed them with an elastic band. I was afraid of an uncontrollable mess.


Keeping a close eye on the photograph I started in the middle of a 45″ square of pale turquoise mottled batik fabric.

Working on a towel and wool blanket padded table I laid down the first 3/4″ square, a yellow snippet. Next I laid down 3/4″ square snippets around the first yellow snippet. I was happy with how it looked and pressed it permanently in place with a dry iron. So far so good

Center Close up

Closeup of quilted Mosaic

By the way, I peel the fusible’s paper backing off the strips as I went along. I simply snip a piece of fabric from the “elastic harnessed strips” of batik strips as needed. I don’t recommend cutting the strips into snippets before starting. You will be able to decide just how big each snippet so it will fit into a specific spot.

Here is my finished Quilted Mosaic Wall Hanging, it measures 43″x 43″ square. I did not applique the fused snippets in place. Instead I chose to free motion quilt with a simple all over design. I used Aurifil Aurilux 100% polyester variegated thread.


Thanks for joining me. Remember, inspiration and beauty are everywhere. We just have to open your eyes and “see.”.